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mission statement

That's what sets us apart.

That's what we believe in.

We act in the interest of the community

We pursue our mission with passion and commitment and take responsibility for the results of our actions. We demand commitment and promote the potential of each individual. 
We see ourselves as part of the whole, because only together can we reach our goal. 

Customer satisfaction is our benchmark

Vivatex focuses on customer proximity and tailors the range of goods and services to the needs and wishes of our customers. We support customers in conducting their business, because their satisfaction is our ultimate goal. 

The satisfaction of the employees is the condition for our success

Vivatex considers its employees as the cornerstone of the company. Performance, personal responsibility and active cooperation are recognized and encouraged. The interaction with each other is characterized by appreciation, mutual trust as well as openness and fairness. 

Fairness to our business partners is the basis for long-term cooperation

Vivatex strives to maintain long-lasting business relationships with balanced chances of success for both sides. Trust and mutual fairness are important factors in this. 

Sustainable business

For Vivatex, the term "sustainable business" is not a fad. It is a task that we set ourselves. Sustainability means "economizing" with the resources given to us, in social, economic and ecological terms.

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